When analyzing sites that have born in rankings as a results of this update

Hiding content below sponsored posts: A website that enclosed variety of link thumbnails to sponsored content at the highest of articles all over up obtaining beat within the search results in SEO.
A lot of ads than content: A website that featured 2 thirds ads, and one-third content, all over up seeing a big drop by search results.

skinny Content: A website targeted on Q&A all over up seeing a drop by search results, presumably as a result of it contained several pages with skinny or irrelevant content.

Generic Content: A website that provided terribly generic content for the subject it lined all over up seeing a drop by search results. Content consisted principally of rewrites of data that would be found elsewhere on the online. It most likely didn’t facilitate that the content was stuffed with ads moreover.

Assortment Issues: One website that saw major fluctuations in search results is one that had assortment problems supported the site’s robots.txt file. this might have diode to Google not having the ability to properly crawl the content on the location.