Web Development

Two decades ago, in the mid 90’s, designing and developing a website was all about choosing a nice background in a pleasing colour, writing a few lines about the products, publishing pages even by putting together a few HTML codes, and at the end of the day, the website tops the search engine results.

In today’s fast paced world, with all the advancements in technology, design of a website is no longer just about the colour and background and involves a lot of complex coding. When it comes to the content part, the website content is the key factor that determines if your website makes or breaks your business, especially with all the Google Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird update. And this is where Dotfusion Technologies comes in!


We, with years of expertise and excellence, in all facets of web development, understand your needs and go with your thoughts to develop the most alluring website for your website that not just looks incredible but is also informative. Some of the highlights of our services are very high usability, extremely scalable and productive, exceptionally fast website that is also user friendly, cost effective comprehensive developed web solution and 24*7 customer support. Dotfusion web development services include –

CMS Development:

Businesses around the world are facing a lot of difficulties with managing content, with the changing preferences and evolving time. Dotfusion, with the latest CMSs like WordPress and Drupal, has made life a bit easier for even the average brand, without investing a leg in coding, and still get a highly dynamic and content rich website.

E-commerce Development:

With a wide range of designs focused on providing the intuitively designed website with creative user interfaces, for pages to load quickly and checkout to be a breeze, we are the pioneers in providing the best e-commerce development solutions in Chennai.

Open Source Development:

With Dotfusion as your partner for web development, you are bound to leverage the power as well as the flexibility of the best of breed open source platform solutions catering to various businesses’ technology solutions needs.