Top Web Development Trends

The computer vision power of the web browser

The last number of years have seen major developments within the belongings you will do within your browser. With varied frameworks (such as pursuit.js) and new binary formats (like WebAssembly) rising on the market, JavaScript has become the de-facto language of the browser.

Motion interface or Motion UI

Motion UI may be a Sass library that is one amongst the 3 components of Foundation for Apps by Zurb.
It is wide used for quickly making animations and CSS transitions in web development. With Motion UI, it’s easier to create associate app’s transitions look swish and made with predefined motions.
Last year, we have a tendency to saw associate rising trend of Motion UI that is certain to remain for subsequent few years.

Advanced platforms mean new responsive style

A lot of recent technical school is coming back to the market which means that things square measure on the point of amendment. New technologies square measure hardly showing their 1st applications however development in 2016 can set the stage for the approaching years.

Responsive style can not be restricted to ‘mobile-first’ or mobile responsiveness solely. There square measure already a excessiveness of different devices, screens and integrated wearable gadgets like Apple watch, Google Glass and optic Rift that square measure a number of the foremost talked regarding technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT) can have a large impact

The Internet of Things has taken app development to a brand new level. in line with Technavio, IoT can grow by thirty one.72% (CAGR) between 2015 and 2019.Gartner conjointly predicts that a minimum of half the IoT development can return from startup corporations that square measure in business for fewer than three years.By linking good objects to the net, IoT allows the exchange of knowledge that was ne’er attainable before.

Full-screen navigation style

Full-screen navigation style may be a feature that improves the user expertise on mobile devices. Let’s say a user is navigating a web  design and development on his movable and he comes across a registration kind. As he faucets on the registration kind, the shape jumps to a full-screen size sanctionative the user to fill out the shape during a additional natural means.

Security all over

Mobile is turning into additional and additional rife and this may have its own downsides. Mobile is turning into a attentiveness of security breaches and loads of effort are going to be place into ensuring apps square measure as secure as they’ll be.

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